What Happens If You Take Creatine Every Day For 30 Days

Creatine is popular between athletes who practice sports that require short and intense power outputs, but what happens when you take creatine every day for 30 days?

Creatine is created from amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine and is found in the human body. It is synthesised in the liver and kidneys and transported by the blood to our muscles to, essentially, supply energy for muscle contraction.

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Only meat contains significant amounts of creatine, but it is possible to take this substance as a supplement. Supplementing with creatine is said to help improve performance in short, high-intensity events, such as sprints, series of squats, jumps and metcons.

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What happens when you take creatine every day for 30 days

Creatine is one of the most well-researched supplements on the market. Because it doesn’t have an immediate effect, knowing what happens when you take it long-term is important.

Jeremy Ethier, kinesiologist, fitness trainer and YouTuber, explains what to expect and what happens if you take creatine every day for 30 days in the video below.

Before you decide to take creatine every day, remember that “creatine or any supplement for that matter, is just the icing on the cake,” says Ethier.

“If you want to truly transform your body and see incredible results then you need to prioritize your training and your nutrition.”

Over 50% pf professional power athletes are reportedly using creatine, but what can you expect?

  • Supplementing with creatine can increase muscle creatine levels by up to 30%, says Ethier. As a result, our muscles have more creatine to power them with, which means you can do more reps at high intensities (leading to more muscle mass over time).
  • Not everyone benefits equally however, as between 20-30% of people already live with fully saturated muscle creatine levels. Vegans and vegetarians seem to benefit the most from supplementing with creatine.
  • When you first start taking creatine, it takes some time for your muscles to become fully saturated with the additional creatine. You won’t experience the full benefits until your muscles are fully saturated, says Ethier. This depends on how much creatine you take every day and can take between a week to three weeks.
  • Stomach discomfort can occur if you consume large amounts of creatine at once, consume it on an empty stomach, or take it alongside caffeine.
  • Your strength should start increasing after you begin supplementing with creatine. On average, trained lifters can expect an 8% boost in strength and 14% boost in number of reps they can perform.
  • Faster recovery from training is also a reported effect of supplementing with creatine (after you reach saturation).
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